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Ch√Ęteau le Puy Emilien
75 cl
Foradori Fontanasanta Manzoni Bianco
75 cl
Occhipinti SP68 White
75 cl

News & events

Great article of "Femina Suisse" on natural wines (FR)
Meet the Producers #Lammidia
Natural Wine Event - Lugano - October 20th

What's natural Wine?

It’s interesting that wine over the centuries has been such a central stage of different civilizations and their way of relating, socializing and having fun.


Everybody has a take on what they like, that being nutty, oaky, velvety, fruity and so on. Personally, over the years, I have been fascinated by how the natural elements influence the development of the wines. The Earth, the Weather and the Human component. Some of these elements can be very predominant in the evolution of what we drink. I like the Earth. I have profound respect for a winemaker who manipulates the end result as little as possible.


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