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Serafino Rivella

Teobaldo Rivella and his wife, Maria, are the real deal when it comes to Barbaresco.


Only one hectare of their estate is dedicated to it, and the vinification takes place in their basement: it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can't find this Barbaresco in supermarkets. 


Once you take a look at this wine, you can tell it goes a long way back. Vines are 70 years old, and the roots go straight to the centre of the Earth.


Mr. Serafino begun in 1967, and was joined by his son Baldo some 30 years ago. It really is a traditional, old school wine that can be kept in the cellar for a very long time.


An In Vino Sitis favourite: no glitz, nor glamour, but a very long, fine, subtle nebbiolo.

Wines: 2
Rivella Serafino Barbaresco “Montestefano”
75 cl
Rivella Serafino Barbaresco “Montestefano” Mag
150 cl

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