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Gin Bisbino


The juniper berries and botanicals are mixed using its secret recipe and then distilled by the expert hands of Pierluigi Jelmini.


The result is a craft Gin, certified 100% organic, with a mellow, delicate flavour, dry taste and light citrus overtones.


Sommelier's note: Taste of Muggio Valley.

We like it particularly mixed with grapefruit peel but the Mule version really does it too!


Bisbino Gin is intimately linked to the mountain it is named after, Monte Bisbino, which is the inspiration for its history, its character and its structure. The woods and paths where Martino Mombelli – founder of Terra Matta artisanal Agro-foods – created its secret recipe, are also the places where he, Giona Meyer, Rupen Nacaroglu and Damiano Merzari met to exchange ideas and develop a dream they all shared: to create the first Ticinese Gin.

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